Look for fireworks at North Dam July 4

Great fireworks off the top of Grand Coulee Dam July 1.

The 2017 Festival of America happened last weekend, but here’s a tip: Locals enjoy a great fireworks show of their own making off the top of North Dam, tonight, July 4. It’s an annual event, kinda crazy but well policed and permitted.

North Dam is what holds up the north end of Banks Lake, and a pretty safe place to hold fireworks. It’s the only place in the city of Grand Coulee where they are allowed, so local people flock to it. Travelers are welcome too, but bring your own chairs and refreshments. This is strictly non-commercial, no vendors selling hot dogs.

To get there, just head south on highway 155 at the junction with 174, where the 76 station is in Grand Coulee, and you’re looking at North Dam.