2 thoughts on “A promise of beauty”

  1. Just got back from a dog walk at Spring Canyon. Saw a rainbow on the short drive home, same one I’ll bet?

  2. This little section of our planet really IS one of the most beautiful, in its own way. Great picture! Are you aware that there are actual SOULS that fill those rainbows? Your acknowledgment of them when you stop and admire them, and even take it further to capture them on camera, if even in digital format, is the equivalent of you soaring up with that soul and dancing hand in hand together? These souls, just like the fairies do in other elemental ways, do so specifically for the purpose of bringing/maintaining magic in the world and as I said, your acknowledging of the beauty in that, if only even on the physicality of viewing the scientific explanation of how light refracts through the water crystals in the sky, is still a soul interaction of great beauty. This reminder that there is just a bit more to ALL THAT IS than what we can physically see is the purpose of the rainbow and if you can perhaps consider the divine beauty behind such a thing, that alone is a miracle in on itself. That same magic is within us all in every moment. Sharing that moment with me as through your pictures Scott, is a gift I truly treasure. Thank you! <3

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