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Here’s how to fish Banks Lake right now

Open up our guide for great tips and a map.
Open up our guide for great tips and a map.

Here’s a free copy (OK, it’s digital, but still…) of our guide to fishing Banks Lake in early spring.

It’s full of great tips for anglers, even those foolish enough to pass up on the opportunity to get into this weekend’s (April 6-7, 2013) “Are You Tough Enough — Triple Fish Challenge” fishing derby.

Check it out here:

Are You Tough Enough…

To fish our upcoming derby?


You’re probably not a real good angler, so just move on. Nothing to see here.

Unless you actually are tough enough for the local chamber of commerce sponsored triple challenge coming up in April.

You read that right: TRIPLE challenge. Meaning you have to catch bass, walleye and rainbow, all in one event, in the first event of the year in eastern Washington.