Welcome to Okanogan County

You have just discovered Washington State’s best-kept secret — Okanogan.

Okanogan is the heart of the scenic, historic and fruitful Okanogan Valley. Located in north central Washington, 50 miles from the Canadian border, Okanogan residents enjoy a quality of life characterized by extraordinary scenic beauty, low taxes, recreation, low cost of living and four distinct seasons each year.

Okanogan has become a magnet for young families, retirees, businesses, tourists, light industry and recreation enthusiasts looking for a pristine environment.

The Okanogan Valley is one of the few remaining locations where individual boldness and enterprise are rewarded, and where past, present and future are viewed with enthusiasm and promise.


Okanogan is a Salish Indian word meaning “Rendezvous.” Sometimes called “The Late Frontier,” the Okanogan Valley saw habitation by Native Americans for thousands of years, and — belatedly, compared to other regions of the country — saw a succession of explorers, prospectors, miners, trappers, cattlemen, settlers, loggers, farmers, missionaries and orchardists, providing in every respect a colorful history that carries forward to the present day.

The history of the region is ably depicted in the acclaimed Okanogan County Historical Museum in Okanogan.

Part of that history now includes a replica of the old Okanogan fire department building in Legion Park.

It’s an exact replica of the old fire station building. It is used as a fire department museum, as well as a research center for the Okanogan County Historical Society and the Okanogan County Genealogical Society.

A refurbished, early model fire truck is displayed, along with other interesting items.


With first-rate schools, medical facilities and other amenities, Okanogan is a great place to visit, live, work, establish a business, locate an industry, enjoy recreation and more.

Okanogan is served by rail, highway and air, and is home to first-class motel and restaurant services. Okanogan is home to Okanogan Public Utility District, which provides Okanogan County with reliable, inexpensive electrical power. Infrastructure is in place or in development for commercial and industrial expansion.

A lively retail business district provides a complete range of goods and services for visitors and residents alike.

Distinguishing Okanogan in the Okanogan Valley region is one of the most precious commodities in the area — water! Okanogan has plenty of pure, clean water for residential and industrial use.

Okanogan enjoys more than 300 sunny days per year. The area has four distinct seasons during the year with hot summers, snow in the winter, and perfect spring and autumn seasons.

Conditions in the Okanogan area have produced the finest location in the world for orchards including apples, pears, peaches, cherries, nuts and others. Okanogan is the center of the Okanogan Valley fruit industry.

The scenic Okanogan River winds its way through the center of the city. Each year, thousands of Canada  geese and other waterfowl migrate throughout the Okanogan Valley following the river.

Visitors can hike, camp, fish, hunt, swim, boat, ski, snowmobile, golf, climb, sight-see, as well as enjoy clean air, clean water and all the amenities of an urban locale with a hometown feeling.

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